Pregnancy glucose test: how it is done, fasting time and results

The test to diagnose gestational diabetes should be performed between weeks 24 and 28 of pregnancy, even when the pregnant woman has no symptoms such as an exaggerated increase in appetite or frequent urination.

However, the test can also be done before 24 weeks when the pregnant woman has elevated glucose levels in a urine test or has risk factors, such as above the ideal weight, being over 25 years old, a history of diabetes in the family or having had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy, for example.

Generally, the diagnostic test for gestational diabetes is done in the morning and the only necessary indication is to be at least 8 hours of fasting until ingesting 75 g of a sugary liquid in the hospital.
How is the test performed
The test for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is performed as follows:

Fasting for 8 hours, but not exceeding 14 hours;
Drink 75 g of Dextrosol in the clinical laboratory of clinical analysis;
Obtain a blood sample after ingestion of fluid;
Remain at rest for about 2 hours;
Obtain a blood sample after 1 hour after 2 hours of waiting.
After the exam, the woman can return to normal feeding and wait for the result. In case the result is altered and there is suspicion of diabetes, the obstetrician may direct the pregnant woman to a nutritionist to make an adequate diet.

Results of the glucose test in pregnancy
The test results indicate the presence of gestational diabetes when:

Tempo after the testAmount of blood sugar
FastingUp to 92 mg / dL
1 hour after the testUp to 180 mg / dL
2 hours after the testUp to 153 mg / dL

Gestational diabetes is diagnosed when 1 or more values are above the ideal shown in the table, but when the woman has altered fasting blood glucose, above 126 mg / dl, and above 200 mg / dl in the second hour, It is considered diabetes mellitus.

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